Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Santa came early with George Asda

When Christmas time starts to peep it's head around the corner, I start to get excited about presents. Not receiving them, although that's a bonus, but giving them. I love to think about what people would like and then start shopping. One gift giving activity I love to participate in is Secret Santa. This year I had the opportunity to take part in a blogger Secret Santa hosted by George Asda. 

Talented Talkers sorted all the names and we were given our recipient to select presents for. We were then off on our merry ways to stalk their social media and see what they would like from the George Asda gift section.

George Secret Santa Presents Gift

George Secret Santa Blanket Pillow

George Secret Santa Copper Flower Vase

George Secret Santa Jumper Apron Towels

When my presents arrived I was very excited. The box was massive! Although dubious about opening gifts when it wasn't even in December, I quickly ripped open the wrapping and discovered what was inside. My Secret Santa did very well.

First up was a blanket and pillow both featuring a D for Danni. Both are super cute! I love having blankets around the house so this will fit in perfectly. The pillow was a lovely touch and I really like that it was personalised, I'll have to get an M for Matt so he doesn't feel left out!

Next was this amazing copper vase. It is something that I'd probably see when I am out and like, but not necessarily pick up, so I'm so glad Santa picked it for me. I asked Matt buy some flowers especially to take these snaps!

Then there was my jumper. I wasn't expecting clothes in my package as I didn't pick my recipeient any, but of course George have a fab selection of clothes. I tried this on and it fits great and I really love how it looks. Perfect for the Winter. Last up was my cupcake apron and tea towels which will be a lovely addition to my kitchen!

I loved being part of this Secret Santa and I can't wait to see if the person I picked for likes their presents.


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  1. You got some lovely stuff. That top needs to be in my wardrobe!! Xx
    Glossy Boutique


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