Monday, 26 October 2015

Planning the Halloween party I won't be throwing...

I would absolutely love to have a Halloween party but I don't really want people grubbing up my house. No offensive potential invitees, but you know it would happen. Also depending on how many people we'd invite our house is pretty small. But I do love a good party and all the bits and bobs that go with it. So I have been a little swept away in the world on pinterest, pinning everything Halloween party-esque and finding some pretty cool ideas.

I wanted to put this here as a little place holder for myself but also to share the brilliant ideas other people have come up with. Here is what my Halloween party would look like... if I was throwing one... which I'm not... unfortunately.

Pinterest inspired Halloween Party Ideas - Autumn/Fall
Photos credit linked in description below

> Come inside - What a brilliant job this person has done with their doorway decoration! Definitely someone in America I'm guessing as us in the UK don't go this far, well no-one down my street does. Until I moved in that is! I'd definitely make my front porch area look something to be proud of. Everyone would know where the party was at!

> This is disgusti..oh no it's a hot dog - Would you like a severed finger in a bun? Sorry I mean hot dog... or do I??? What a great idea. Scrape a little bit of the hot dog off to look like a finger nail, stick it in a bun with some 'blood' and bobs your uncle. Simple, effective and delicious!

> Getting dippy with it - I'm all for using Pumpkins in the house wherever I can and this idea is certainly a must. Carve out the pumpkin to fill it with dip! So cool, although it only allows for one dip. Maybe I'll have to get a couple of little ones as I'm one for having dip choice!

> Devilling those eggs - What a fun and healthy way to put out eggs as snacks at your party. There was a couple of ways to do this but they wouldn't all fit in the picture, but I thought spiders was the coolest. A brilliant way to incorporate Halloween into finger food.

> Stitching up some gingerbread - I'm not much of a baker but I'd certainly attempt it to make these guys. Voodoo gingerbread men are such a good idea as they don't take much time, are easy to decorate and look so effective. And I'd imagine they also quite cheap to produce. Everyone wins!

> There's only one cure - Now this is where it gets messy. I'd have to somehow source some syringes - I'm thinking ebay? - then fill it with something highly alcoholic with a great colour to it. Maybe red or green! Apple or cherry sours anyone?

> Let's glow - Quite a simple one, but a goodie for outdoor parties. If you have an ice bucket with people's drinks, add glow sticks to make it eerie!

> Bobbing for apples - A classic. If I were to have a party we'd have to play this game. Non of this, "oh you'll mess my make up." Get your head in and bob for those apples!

> Swirls galore - Last but not least CAKE! These cupcakes look super cool and from what I know about how to do this dual swirl I think they'd be reasonably easy to do? Otherwise I'd just ask my Mum to whip me up a batch...

So there are my pinterest ideas to share with you! Are you guys having a party? Any cool ideas to share?

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