Saturday, 12 September 2015

Youtubers and Vloggers - Why do we watch?

I was never always obsessed with watching youtube. I only began watching towards the end of last year starting with the main two - Zoella and Sprinkle of Glitter. Since then I've grown more and more addicted, adding a couple more youtubers to my subscriptions. These days I watch Youtube everyday, checking for new videos when I get home.

I don't spend a lot of my time watching youtube videos though, they are usually on in the background keeping me company as I cook dinner. At the moment I'm completely obsessed with the SacconeJolys. When I get home after work I check the clock to see if it's time to put their new video on. I then start the tea with the sound of Jonathan twittering on in the background. I'm not too sure why I feel the need to catch up on their life every day. It's a weird phenomenal that's come about since daily vlogging started. I've been thinking about why we are so into youtubers and their daily vlogs!

We are nosy parkers! I think we are all pretty nosy at heart and love to see what others are doing on a daily basis. Yes vlogs are edited but still we are getting more of an insight into their lives then we ever would have had before. We are let into the world of someone else to follow them on their journeys. Whether it's a day out in London, a trip to the supermarket or a holiday abroad, we love to see what people are up to!

Feeling like the Youtuber is talking to YOU! Another reason I think we all love a good vlog is because you believe the Youtuber is talking specifically to you. Well you know they are not REALLY, but it kinda feels like they are. Although you aren't speaking back (well you might be but they can't hear...) it feels like you are building a rapport, finding out more about these people who you eventually start to think of as you kind-of-internet friends. The internet is a weird place kids but it makes us all happy. Seeing Louise out shopping with Darcy or Zoe walking Nala in the park is something that is totally mundane but we crave it. 

They are friendly celebrities. When Youtubers don't post, the internet seems a bit empty and we wonder what they are up to. Are they vlogging? Will there be something up soon? The Youtubers we watch have turned into internet celebrities but the way in which they make their money is so real and personal it feels different to liking a singer or an actor. It feels like you are much closer to them, like you could actually know them. It's a strange relationship you feel you share as the youtuber has no idea you exist. Still we enjoy it and it makes our little lives a little brighter.

What do you think about why we watch vlogs/youtube?

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  1. I only got into You Tubers this year. Before I started watching them I had no idea why others did. Now I'm completely hooked! Lily Pebbles is my favourite and simon and I sit down together to watch!


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