Thursday, 21 May 2015

Living with a trainer addict

Living with a trainer addict funny list tips post

Today's post is designed to help you through living with a trainer addict. Trainers aren't everyone's cup of tea so you may not be affected by this addiction but if you know someone who can't walk past a shoe shop without dragging you in for a look at the new releases, then this post is for you.

I do indeed live with a fully fledged trainer addict. Specifically Nike. He has over 25 pairs, nearly one for every day of the month. His collection includes a shoe in every colour under the sun, all different 'types', some limited edition, but all with the overriding purpose of covering your feet. Through my experience of living with this addict I thought I'd give you a few tips if you are in the same situation...

- Make sure to nod and agree when they show you their new possible purchases. They are obviously brilliant and nothing like any of the other pairs they have...

- Don't mention another trainer brand in their presence. It's like blasphemy and they may not speak to you for the rest of the day.

- When people ask about their addiction, make sure to defend it and say "it's not THAT bad!"

- Try to learn the names of the types of trainers. It will just be easier when they real off some random words. At least you know what they are talking about.

- Start to accept that anything under £80 is no good. You've got to spend above that before you get anything half decent. Apparently.

- Always compliment their new sneaks. Even if they look hideous in your opinion and are possibly brighter than the sun. They make them happy, that's good enough.

- Don't ever imply they have too many. Unless you fancy being kicked out of the house or excluded from the family.

- Don't be offended if their phone is full of pictures of trainers with little or no images of you (if you are a couple). Just accept it and move on, you can't change it.

There is however one perk when living with an addict. Seem involved enough and they might buy you a pair too.

Do you live with or know a trainer addict? Let me know. Maybe we can start a support group?


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