Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Monthly Highlight. March

I thought that I'd start a monthly platform in which to share the love in the blogging world. I didn't want to single out different bloggers each month, but rather their brilliant blog posts. I want to share the fabulous things I've been reading that the great bloggers I follow have been writing. I've called it my Monthly Highlight. This might change but I'll worry about that. You can have a read of the below posts, see what you think and make sure to follow if you like what you find!

Whisky and Pancakes - What We Ate Last Week - Pretty self explanatory title but Louise goes into what her and her other half have been cooking up over the last week. I love to look at foodie posts and get inspiration. Maybe this will do the same for you!

Naturally Bee - March and April, What's in Season? - Lorna writes a very informative post about which vegetables are in season in the UK. This is great if you want to eat seasonal foods!

Life Outside London - Marriage Chat 2 - Michelle has put into a post some conversations that she has had with her husband and they are hilarious. We all probably say silly things to our other halves but when it is written down and you see what has been said, it is so funny! I hope Michelle will continue this as I'd love to keep reading them!

Heroine in Heels - The Cherry Rooms - Laura is always being invited to the most amazing foodie places in London and this is no exception! She was invited by Pepsi to experience an almost Willy Wonka-like room where you could eat different aspects of it. Definitely one to read.

Studs and Dreams - Fun Things To Do In London - Lorna has created a post detailing ideas of what you can get up to in London. What I like about this is that she has given suggestions of specific places to go that she recommends.

Julia Gone Rogue - REFINED SUGAR: no thanks I'm sweet enough. - This is a great post for people who want to be healthier. Julia talks about the risk of refined sugars and what else you can have to curb your cravings.

Cloup in a Teacup - Cafe Royal  - A little closer to home this time, Shivani reviews a restaurant in Newcastle when she visited for breakfast with a friend. The food looks fabulous and I'm dying to go!

Kelango - Getting Started, At Home Yoga Practise - Kelly writes a detailed post about getting into yoga. She gives great suggestions as to what to wear, what tutorial videos to be watching and what music you can listen to. It's a great post for anyone looking to get in to yoga!

Let me know if you visit any of the above! Also any blogs you've liked this month, link below!

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