Friday, 2 January 2015

Gingerbread Smiles in 2015

First of all I'd like to say Happy New Year to all my lovely followers! I hope you've had a great year and that 2015 will be all you hope. I really appreciate all of you sticking by the blog through 2014 even though it's been getting a bit quiet towards the end of last year.

I think I'd lost my focus with the blog and also didn't have the time. As I enjoy having my blog and adding to it I'm going to continue to produce content and post! For 2015 these are the areas I'm going to focus on, if these interest you, keep watching this space!

- Food! Food has always had pride of place on my blog as it is something I love to talk about. I love to try new places, cook up new meals and discover new products. Next year all these things will take up more space and be more constant!

- Books and TV, maybe a little film. When I'm not blogging or out and about I'm either watching TV or reading a book so I'd like to feature these more on my blog. I talk to my friends a lot about new TV programmes I'm watching so I think this should appear in posts too. Also with my new sparked interest in reading it's great for me to read reviews of books on other people's blogs to see what recommendations people have. I'd like to do the same!

- Health and Fitness. Although everyone rabbits on about getting healthy in the new year, I've already signed myself up to a 7 week personal training group, so I already have something in the pipeline that will get me fitter! I'm hopefully going to document this in some way but I'd also like to provide ideas on healthy meals!

There will also be plenty more written about including home ideas, events I've been to and anything I'm interested in. I'm moving away from beauty as I really had no business being there, I only wear makeup on special occasions! I am however planning me on having a monthly favourites post so there maybe something skincare or Lush related popping up in these!

I hope you like the sound of this and that you will continue to support Gingerbread Smiles in 2015!

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