Wednesday, 3 September 2014

And the award goes to...

We all love to be recognised for the good work we do, so in spite of all the blogger awards that already exist I've produced my own. A lot of the well known blogger awards pick well known names with gazillions of followers but I want to award my actual favourites, based on my eagerness to read each and every post they write. Basically this a list of the blogs I love to read split into winning categories. I would recommend having a look at all of the blogs chosen below!

Best Travel Blog - Handbags and Cupcakes
Although Rachel's blog is not solely about travel, I picked her for this category for the wealth of posts she has amassed whilst in her year internship abroad. I only just found Handbags and Cupcakes when she was nominated for best lifestyle blog in the Cosmo awards but I'm glad I have!

Best Nail Blog - Brit Nails
Allie produces the most amazing swatches and nail art tutorials I've ever seen! Her application is perfect and her nails look stunning. She has even just collaborated with Picture Polish to create a nail polish called Unicorn which is a gorgeous turquoise glitter!

Best Northern Blog - Prosecco and Pie / New Girl in Toon
Chloe (Prosecco and Pie) posts about lots of gorgeous places in Newcastle and in the countryside that make me want to get on a train as soon as possible. Her writing and her bubble shaped pictures are perfect and she describes everything brilliantly!
Chloe (New Girl in Toon) posts with such enthusiasm about where she has gone, always accompanying her posts with a cheeky picture of herself and Simon enjoying (most of the time) a big slice of cake. Chloe puts so much fun into her posts I always want to see where she has been.

Best Midlands Blog - Adventures in Tea and Cake
Kelly's blog is such a fun place to be. Everything is colourful and exciting! Plus there is always a post about tea and cake (what can I say I'm obsessed too!). She posts lots of lifestyles posts including places she's eaten, visited with the family and products she's bought.

Best Southern Blog - Heroine in Heels / Cocktails and Caroline
These two women Laura (Heroine in Heels) and Caroline (Cocktails and Caroline) both feature on each others blogs a lot as they are good friends. They both post about amazing places they've been to eat and have both started blogging about their trips abroad. Everywhere they go seems to be full of class, sophistication, great food and amazing looking cocktails. When I go down to London, I want to hang out with these two!

Best Beauty Blog - She Might Be Loved
I first came across Georgina's blog when she posted some amazing make up looks she'd done on herself. She completed many looks based on many Disney characters and they look stunning! Seriously you have to check them out to see how great they look.

Best Fashion Blog - That's Peachy
I'm not really a fashion blog kind of person but I love to read Tor's blog. She posts lovely outfits that I could see myself wearing which I also could afford! Her pictures are always gorgeous and she illustrates the outfits perfectly!

Best Plus Sized Fashion Blog - From The Corners of the Curve
Callie's blog is one I go to for fashion looks and inspiration. She is such an upbeat women with so many amazing fashion looks! I love that her friendly and bubbly personality comes across online when you are reading her posts. As well as fashion, her blog includes a few lifestyle posts about living in and around London.

Best Lifestyle Blog - Cocktails in Teacups
Amy is a fellow Northern blogger who writes about practically anything she likes! From baking to parenting, Disney to fashion, this girl includes it all. Her style of writing never gets boring and her pictures and blog design make me want to read all day long. Her recent trip to Washington/NYC/Niagara Falls had me checking her blog each day for new updates!

Best Food Blog - Sally's Baking Addiction
Sally really bakes up a storm and with every post she makes me want to run round her house to try these tasty looking meals. I first came across her blog looking for pumpkin recipes but I've since stayed and seen many colourful bakes posted for everyone to try.

Overall Love To Read - Hannah Gale
I only came across Hannah's blog a few months ago but since then I've been hooked. As Hannah is a journalist for the Metro and has written for many online fashion websites her writing is flawless. She knows how to keep a reader interested with humor and great content. She is always posting relatable content such as lists, wishlists and interesting opinion pieces. Definitely one to check out.
I hope you all check out the blogs I've highlighted in my 'mini awards'.
Do you have any for me to check out?


  1. Thank you lovely lady :) This has made my day and I'm sure Simon will be thrilled he got a mention too :) This will definitely help us to feel less guilty about the huge slices of cake we had on our adventure last weekend :D

    Chloe x

  2. A lovely idea. :)
    Great for smaller/less well known blogs to get the the mention they deserve.
    I'll be checking out of the above this evening..


  3. Great list Danni, I will check these out!

    Suze | LuxuryColumnist

  4. Awww thanks for recognising my hard work, you are too kind 😘 I'm so pleased and honoured that my blog inspires you, thank you for reading time and time again, I'll make sure I keep up the hard work!

    Chloe xx

  5. Thanks so much for mentioning my blog lovely!! I'm off to read all of the others now too :) xx

  6. Definitely! Got to spread the blogger love!

  7. Of course! You post great outfits! :D


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