Monday, 14 July 2014

Shoplet Weekly Organiser

Now that I have my own house and I'm cooking for myself and Matt I find planning out our meals easier. Doing this means I know what I am buying in the shopping and what I am cooking every night. When Shoplet UK asked if I wanted to review this weekly organiser I jumped at the chance as I thought it would be perfect for writing each meal on, as well as what each other has on each day.

Shoplet UK Acco Quartet Magnetic Weekly Organiser

Shoplet UK Acco Quartet Magnetic Weekly Organiser

Shoplet UK Acco Quartet Magnetic Weekly Organiser

Shoplet UK Acco Quartet Magnetic Weekly Organiser
Acco Quartet Magnetic Weekly Organiser* - £6.64 + VAT

When I received this board I was pleasantly surprised with the size as it is small and compact, great for home offices or a smaller spaces such as a kitchen. The organiser came with magnetic strips to affix to the back of the board that would then make it stick to a magnetic surface. It didn't however come with anything that would let you hang this freely from a wall which I found a bit odd. I decided to put mine on the fridge so it was easily visible. I'm not really sure where this is expected to be hung with the magnets as I am not sure a lot of people have magnets on their walls.

This organiser comes with a whiteboard pen which you can either put it in it's holster at the top or have magnetised to the board as you are able to stick magnets to the board itself. It does say on the website that the board comes with two magnets but mine didn't, not sure why. The pen works perfectly on the board wiping off with ease. The pin board along the bottom is a cute addition, one that I haven't took advantage of yet as I have no pins!

For what I need this for it is perfect. Having this board enables me to write if I am off out with friends or cooking cottage pie for tea so that Matt knows. For office purposes I could see this being really useful if you want to keep track of meetings you have to attend.

If you are in need of any office stationary I'd suggest checking out Shoplet UK as they hold a huge range of varying products.

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  1. Much more organised than the little Eeyore notebook paper we scribble on and stick to the fridge :D


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