Friday, 30 May 2014

Ideal Hen Do

It may be a long while off me getting married but I've been thinking about what I'd do on my hen night. The big blow out before settling down to married life. Well mine wouldn't be that big, not stereotypical at all.

At present I am not a big drinker, hate going out to clubs and prefer a good night in to trawling round town on a cold evening. So this is reflected in what I would plan for my hen party. Although it is seen that the maid of honor will plan the hen party, I wanted to share some ideas I had.

Theme Park

Idea Hen Do - Port Aventura, Spain
Image Source

Matt hates theme parks, he would not willingly pay to go to one - whilst I love them! I've grown up in a family that goes on holiday to go to theme parks like Florida and Port Aventura, Spain. Considering I'd be marrying a guy who doesn't have any interest in visiting one, I'd have to go one on my hen do and get on all the rides possible. If I stayed in the UK this would be somewhere like Alton Towers or Thorpe Park, but if my bridal party were willing to take a trip abroad I'd want to re-live my childhood memories in Spain's Port Aventura Park or get to Disneyland Paris!

Rent a Cottage

Ideal Hen Do - Rent a cottage
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As I say I don't like to go out, preferring to stay in and stay warm. I'd love to go out to the countryside with some of my closest friends, bring lots of booze and hot chocolate as well as girly films and have a massive sleepover. Of course there would be the mandatory ordering of a huge takeaway that would have us all stuffed to the brim with bad foods and this would be topped off with tons of chocolate. We could play games, watch trashy telly and generally have a good laugh. This would be great if we were in the UK or abroad.

If Matt planned my hen do I am not sure where he'd send me. I am sure he'd know about my hatred of going out to bars and having to stand around with loads of drunk people so he wouldn't subject me to that. I think he'd probably send me off on a city break with some of my friends to enjoy the sites, culture and food before getting married.

survey was taken by Ladbrokes Bingo about what each partner thought their other half would like to do on their hen party. The results are pretty interesting for example -29% of men think their partners would like a stripper for comical value and 38% of women definitely not wanting a stripper. Well that is 62% of women who want a naked man on their hen do!

Have you had a think about what you'd do on your hen do?

*survey carried out by Ladbrokes Bingo.


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  2. I had two hen bridesmaids planned one as a suprise, I didn't even know where we were going until we got to the train station! We went to York and had afternoon tea and then went to a ceramic painting studio, it was perfectly me! The other was a night in Newcastle with my family... it was a bit messy! I helped plan one for my best friend last year, we took her to a cottage in Whitby, we had cupcake decorating and sandcastle building competitions during the day and a butler in the buff to make cocktails while we danced the night away to Katy Perry. I love your theme park idea... you have to do something that suits you... not what's expected!

    1. Aw they both sound brilliant! :) I love afternoon tea so that would have to be in my plans! :) x

  3. I never had a hen do but did recently have a lovely girly cottage weekend away and had the nicest time so would definitely love to ahve the excuse to do that again!
    I'm not really a theme park person though.... all those big scary rides are not for me!

  4. This sounds like so much fun! I love theme-parks too and I'm not big on nights out, so I think I'd choose to do something pretty similar to this - I especially love the idea of a big sleepover, a weekend long sleepover with wine, chocolate, trashy DVDs & cheesy music! xox


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