Saturday, 12 April 2014

Taking a Lush shower

Baths go better if you have Lush products to accompany them. I fill my bath with bath bombs and bubble bars accompanied by millions of little tea lights to make my bath extremely relaxing. Recently I've been taking a lot of showers and I just don't get the same amount of enjoyment from them as I do a lovely smelling bath. To combat this problem I've been having a nosy at Lush's new updated site (which is very forward thinking and easy to use if you haven't seen it) and found a few products that I think would excite my showers!

Lush wishlist to improve my showers!
Lush Shower Product Wishlist Haircare Shower
H'Suan Wen Hua - 225g - £9.50
First is a hair treatment which I suppose could be used in both the shower and the bath, but lets pretend it is easier in the shower ;) I read about this on Georgina's blog - She Might Be Loved and she totally praises it! My hair isn't in a bad state but it is always nice to have something that is going to make your hair better! I think I will pick this up in my next haul.

It's Raining Men - 100g - £4.50
I had a little browse through the Lush catalogue at the different shower gels they had on offer. This instantly stood out to me as it said it smelt like the 'Honey I Shrank the Kids' soap which has a lovely toffee smell to it. This is made with honey which is great at moisturising which will be gorgeous in a shower gel as a lot of them seem to be quite drying.

Dreamwash - 250g - £9.75
Shower smoothies are something I've seen but never considered buying as I thought they would be a bit weird to use, like not really cleaning. However after seeing the little video Lush have now added to their website of the product in use it looks like it foams up really well. Dreamwash is packed with a lot of calming ingredients such as calamine powder and aloe vera which is great for sensitive skin. I can't wait to try this as it makes me feel like I'm going to wash with a milkshake!

Red Fun - £5.00
I got a sample of this in my goody bag from Lush at a recent meet up I attended. I was super excited to use it as it smelled gorgeous! It is made with mandarin and orange oils which make this soo refreshing. The fact that it is red and able to mould makes this product all the better to play with in the shower! I can't wait to pick up a full size roll of this soap.

Now I've drawn up this wishlist I really can't wait for pay day!

Do you have any shower faves?


  1. Lovely post! I almost bought It's Raining Men but didn't because it seemed a little sticky from what was on the outside of the bottle.

    Kimberley // Kimberley's Beauty Blog

  2. It's Raining Men is my favourite Lush shower gel, it smells amazing! If you buy Dreamwash could you possibly post a review? I'm debating buying it so reading your opinion would really help x

    1. Ooh I need it! Of course! I need to use some of my products up before I can get this!


  3. lovely post !! love the lush products!!

    This Girl Loves Chic


  4. This looks awesome, I still have a plan to do a huge Lush haul! :) xx

  5. Dreamwash looks lovely, I get sensitive skin a lot and so this might be great for me! I think I'm a Lush addict haha :)

    Michaela-Leigh xx

  6. Dreamwash is also on my LUSH wishlist! It sounds really lovely. There are quite a few other products I'd love to try. I've nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger award which you can check out here! xxx
    The Jolly Fashionista

    1. Eeek I need it!

      Aw thanks sweetie I will check this out!


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