Sunday, 9 March 2014

Pamper time for my face

Recently I suffered from a horrible breakout and it seemed no amount of spot treatment could help. It was time to bring in a face mask, but which one? I have so many sachets of face masks building up so I thought that would be the place to start. I picked out this Montagne Jeunesse one that I bought from Primark for 90p a few months back as it was full of witch hazel and aloe vera.




Witch hazel is a natural substance that helps reduce inflammation of spots and aloe vera hydrates your skin whilst also soothing and promoting skin renewal. Exactly what you want from a face mask and what I needed for my bad breakout!

I decided to apply the whole packet to my face which was probably too much as there was so much in the packet it could have stretched to two applications. The mask was very creamy and moist and due to the amount I had on my face it took around 10-20 minutes to dry. It had a lovely fresh smell to it, much like witch hazel. When it was completely dry I used a flannel and some warm water to remove it. When I'd taken it off and patted my face dry I saw that my spots had been visibly reduced and my skin felt lovely.

This was a lovely mask to use and I can't wait to try out some other Montagne Jeunesse face masks I have in my collection!

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