Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Strawberry & Kiwi Kisses!

Lip balms seriously have taken over my life. I have the more lip balms than fingers on my hands, and probably the toes of my feet! I love to have a lip balm in every bag so I am not caught out with dry lips. There are so many types and flavours of lip balm I just want to buy them all. So when Grace Cole asked if I wanted to try one of their lip balms I was extremely excited.

If you haven't heard of Grace Cole they are a UK based manufacturer of bath and body products, cosmetics and beauty gifts. The production of their products takes place right here in Britain meaning the best quality products can get to the market quicker. Grace Cole pride themselves on their luxury formulations, inspiring fragrances and their ability to make everyone feel special when using their products.

Grace Cole Fruit Works Lip Balm - Strawberry and Kiwi

Grace Cole Fruit Works Lip Balm - Strawberry and Kiwi

Grace Cole Fruit Works Lip Balm - Strawberry and Kiwi - 12g - £2.00*

I was lucky enough to receive the strawberry and kiwi lip balm which smells lovely. It doesn't really smell too strongly of strawberry and kiwi, more like a subtle strawberry scent. It almost smells a bit like strawberry jelly sweets which makes me want to eat it!

It comes in a little metal tin which is easy enough to open as there is enough space on the lid and the base to get a proper hold. Not like some tins that require you to dig your nails in to to get inside! Also it is smaller enough to slip into your bag, but has bright enough packaging that you shouldn't lose it amongst all the other things in there. The formulation of this lip balm is very creamy and moisturising. As you can see it is very red in the tin which translates onto your lips as a subtle red tint.

Overall I think this is a really nice lip balm, although I have to be careful I don't rub my lips too much and get red all around my lips. Awkward. I'd really love to try the other flavours as there looks to be some gorgeous ones.


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