Sunday, 5 January 2014

Origins Skincare Product Reviews feat. Ginzing, Ginger and Super Spot Remover

Blogging has introduced me to a lot of brands that I wouldn't normally have come across. Origins is one of these brands and bloggers cannot stop talking about it. I already succumbed to blogger's reviews and bought Origins' Clear Improvement charcoal face mask which I really like and features here. For Christmas I knew that I wanted to add some Origin's goodies to my list for Santa a.k.a Mum.

Origin Skincare Products Ginzing Spot Remover

Origin Skincare Products Ginzing Energy-Boosting Moisturizer Review

Origin Skincare Products Super Spot Remover Review

Origin Skincare Products Ginger Rush Body Cream

The two products that I have been pining over for a while have been the GinZing energy boosting moisturiser and the Super spot remover blemish treatment gel which I am really excited to have received. At the time of ordering you could get a free Ginger Rush body cream which I was also happy to see on Christmas Day. I can't find this on their website anymore so they must have been giving this away free to clear it out. I can't say I mind!

I am really loving the GinZing mosturiser, it is so light and has a shiny look and feel to it. When applying to my face it is cool and smells gorgeous like oranges. It is so fresh and invigorating that putting this moisturiser on is one of the highlights of my skincare routine.

The super spot remover blemish treatment gel is not working as amazingly as I expected it to. I thought that because it was quite a strong gel containing salylic acid that it would reduce my spots significantly. For some it does, others must just be stuborn as they stay the same. For £14.00 it is very expensive for such a small bottle and I thought it would be more powerful. I will continue to use this to see if it improves.

The Ginger Rush Intensely hydrating body cream is wonderfully thick. It does exactly 'what is says on the tin' by giving my skin intensive moisture. The smell is not as spicy and pungent as you would expect ginger to be, but more of a light ginger smell mixed with slight citrus notes. When this is rubbed in it feels great and not greasy.

What Origins' items have you got your eye on?


  1. The ginger range is wonderful and I always have the EdT in my perfume collection :o). Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

  2. I love origins. Currently, I use the charcoal and overnight intensive masks, but would love to try the out of trouble mask and after seeing so many amazing things about the ginzing moisturiser, I think I might have to put this on my list too.
    Laura x
    My Life in a Blog

  3. Heard so much about Origins! I have too much skincare stuff though, haha! xx

  4. Replies
    1. It is pretty lovely! I need to get using it :) xx


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