Thursday, 30 January 2014

Oqibo Hydra Restore Cream Review

The lovely people at Oqibo offered to let me try one of their two moisturisers and review it for my blog. From the two I chose the Hydra Restore Cream* as it sounded the lighter of the two which I thought would be better for my combination/oily skin.




I'd only started hearing about Oqibo recently through a few blogs I follow so was intrigued to try the brand out.  In 2006 the brand took a look at the skincare market and decided to do something a bit different. They decided to merge the skincare business with selling online. Their products were simple but effective and their message was to celebrate. Celebrate who you are, diversity and don't try to fit in to the unreal demands of the beauty industry.

Due to their take on the industry they keep their range simple having only four skincare products; a cleanser/toner, an exfoliator and two moisturisers targeted at different skin types. I have some samples of the other products but haven't had chance to try them yet.

As a lover of all things skincare I couldn't wait to integrate the Hydra Restore moisturiser into my skincare routine and see what it was like. To review this properly I am going to split my opinions into a few headings...

Oqibo Hydra Restore moisturiser - 100ml - £33.15

Packaging - Oqibo are know for their simple packaging and this bottle is no different. The squeezy tube stands on the lid which is a screw top. For me this is a little tricky when applying moisturiser and put the lid back on so I might have preferred a bottle. Also I realised that the Oqibo logo looks the same upside down as it does right way up! Random...

Scent - The scent of this is very plain, similar to Olay/Simple products I've smelt. It is nice and gentle, not like some others that can be strong and chemically.

Colour/Feel - As you can see from the above picture this is a simple white cream which feels very light spreading very easily.

Overall use - I've tried this over a couple of weeks now and have mixed views about it. Although my skin is combination and its very cold and drying outside I've found this moisturiser to make my face too greasy when I use this as part of my morning routine. I've tried using different amounts to see if it makes a difference but I think this works better for me as a night cream. The moisturiser has time to work its magic over night giving me plump moisturised skin and then I can use a more light wearing moisturiser throughout the day. It is a lovely creamy moisturiser but for me I just find it bit too much for my skin. Due to the fact this is £33.15 I probably wouldn't repurchase unless I was looking for a really hydrating night cream. I think although they do a intense moisturiser this one is still super hydrating and great for dryer skin.

I do have a few more samples of their other products which I can't wait to try. The cleanser/toner combo sounds great! Oqibo seem like a fantastic company with great values and I can't wait to see their products become more mainstream.

Have you tried any of their products? What are your thoughts?

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