Saturday, 4 January 2014

Three more to add to the collection

Whenever I have the chance to get more indie nail polishes I take it. Christmas is no exception and I browsed Rainbow Connection for polishes that I would put on my wishlist to Santa a.k.a my boyfriend. I picked two polishes from Glam Polish and one from Wing Dust.

Nail Polish Glam Polish Wing Dust Indie

Nail Polish Glam Polish Wing Dust Indie

Nail Polish Glam Polish Wing Dust Indie

Nail Polish Glam Polish Wing Dust Indie

From Glam Polish I picked BA-NA-NA!! - the bright yellow polish with multi-coloured specks and So Fluffy I'm Gonna Die! - the white polish with pink and yellow specks. These are both from a collection inspired by the film, Despicable Me. From Wing Dust I chose Ocean Tears - the blue glitter polish.

Both of my Glam Polish picks seem to be quite transparent when painted on even with two coats. I think they will both look better with a coat of white on first to ensure a full coverage. The Wing Dust polish, Ocean Tears is a gorgeous aqua blue colour filled with glitter. I have a full review of this polish in the upcoming Manicure Monday.

I am really pleased with my picks and can't wait to wear these on my nails!

What do you think? Which is your favourite?


  1. They are all such pretty colours, I love the names of the Glam Polish ones. I now have to go check the range out :)

    Hayley -


    1. Yes you will have to they are all gorgeous :) xo

  2. Good choices!! so fluffy I'm gonna die is my favourite :)

  3. These look lovely! They remind me of the speckled nail polish by Illamasqua!
    Estelle x -

  4. You're so like me with your love for polishes! What crazy choices you have here, I've never seen any like it - but I love them! I really like the wing dust one, but I think my favourite is "So fluffy I'm gonna die!" - what a cool name?!

    Laura xx


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