Friday, 10 January 2014

CutECOsmetics purchases

After hearing about a gingerbread lip balm by Crazy Rumors on Make Up Savvy's blog I had to see if I could get my hands on it too. I tried Holland and Barrett as that is where they are now being stocked but I had no luck. So I went on CutECOsmetics to make sure I got my hands on one.

CutECOsmetics is an online store that sells beauty products that are eco, organic and cruelty-free. Whilst on the site looking for the Crazy Rumors lip balms I found that it was free shipping if you spent over £30. After reading this I went on the search for a few other thing to fill up my basket and came across NCLA polishes. I have been following NCLA on instagram for quite a while now and have been dying to get my hands on their polishes. This seemed like the perfect opportunity so I picked two colours but after adding these to my online shopping basket I still needed to add something else to make it to £30 so I picked another Crazy Rumors lip balm in pistachio.


As you can see I bought the Crazy Rumors gingerbread and pistachio lip balms. Crazy Rumors lip balms are made in the US, have 100% natural ingredients, are cruelty free and vegan. The gingerbread lip balm has a spicy ginger smell which I think is very close to actual gingerbread. The pistachio lip balm is very nutty and again quite close to what pistacho smells like without being overly sweet. Both of these lip balms are very creamy and moisturising. They are not fake smelling like a chapstick and include shea butter which make them lovely and smooth.

Next up are the two NCLA nail polishes. I bought Sugar Fix - the dark grey with blue and purple glitter - and Cookies and Gold - the white base with purple, white, blue and yellow specks of glitter. Both polishes came in their own little box and the bottles are lovely to hold. The brushes of each polish are quite small which I didn't expect but the formula of the polishes works well with this.

I'm pleased with my purchases and would definitely order again from CutECOsmetics.


  1. I love the Crazy Rumours lip balms, I have the spiced chai one and it's brilliant, perfect for winter too!

  2. I've been trying to buy more natural products lately and these lip balms sound right up my street. Those flavours sound amazing! X

  3. That gingerbread lip balm sounds amazing!! :)



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