Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Blog goals for 2014

Happy New Year everyone!

I hope 2013 has treated you well and if not, well we are now in 2014 so time for a new start.

I really want 2014 to go well for me as I can see a lot of opportunities arising over the year and I just have to decide what I want and go for it. As for Gingerbread Smiles, I am determined to keep this blog going and hopefully have it grow over the year. I have thought about a few goals that I'd like to reach before the end of the year to keep my momentum up.
  • Make more friends through blogging - I would like to think that over twitter there are a number of bloggers that I could comfortably ask questions and chat to without having met them. This year I'd love to branch out, meet more people through twitter and develop better friendships.
  • Meet more people behind the blogs - In 2013 I attended one blogger meet up and failed at arranging my own. For 2014 I would love to meet more bloggers in person be it by blogger meet ups or just organising a day out. I think that all bloggers want to meet other bloggers so I hope they all share the same goal.
  • Gain more real followers for my blog - I am currently at the 200 mark on bloglovin and 150 on GFC. I'd love to gain more followers that are interested in what I blog about and in turn increase my page views.
  • Have the opportunity to work with brands - I see a lot of other blogs, in the same position as me, getting a lot more opportunities to work with brands. I am going to try and get my blog out there so that it can be seen and considered by brands and PR companies.
  • Work more with other bloggers - I'd love to see more collaboration posts on Gingerbread Smiles. I may start a few of my own this year and also get involved in more.
  • Get my own domain name - One of my big aims for this year would be to get my own domain name for Gingerbread Smiles. I'd love to see hold my blog.
I'd love to know what your aims are for this year be it personal or blog related! Make sure you link in my comments so I can have a read! Also if you have any collabs coming up that I could get involved in let me know!

Best wishes for 2014!


  1. I blogged my "intentions" for 2014 on my blog today, as for blog goals I really want to be more confidence in both my blog and what I post about. It's high time I should be after blogging for four years but I always doubt if my blog is of any interest to anyone. I also hope to carry on commenting more of other blogs. I've never really had aims or goals for more readers by a certain time but I always love having new followers!

    1. I'm sure you blog is interesting to lots of people :) even if it isn't it is your space so you do what yo want with it :) xox

  2. I'm thinking along the exact same lines this year. I just want to put so much more effort into my blog!



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