Sunday, 22 December 2013

Winter Loves #britishbloggerselection

When I was given the theme of winter loves for this week's #britishbloggerselection I considered maybe doing a skincare posts about what in my regime changes in winter, or maybe a clothes post i.e my favourite pieces for the winter. I finally settled on a good ol' lifestyle posts about the things I love most about the winter months.

Snuggly nights in bed with my boyfriend, snacks and good TV
I love to get home and straight into bed in winter, it is soo cold outside and most the time it is cold in the house. I love it when my boyfriend comes round as we usually snuggle up to watch one of the many TV series we like and chomp down on some snacks.

Lights being hung on people's houses making the street seem so festive
I adore driving around my housing estate to go and look at everyone's Christmas lights. I do feel like a bit of a creep doing it but I think they are soo pretty that I can't help myself!

Special festive warm drinks when out in the cold shopping
When winter comes around everyone gears up for their first red cup of the season from Starbucks or for this year a character cup from Costa. My drink of choice is normally a hot chocolate with either salted caramel or orange syrup.

Lots of cosy jumpers
I love that in winter you can put your jumper on and be perfectly snug when you are out and about. I especially like that everyone makes an effort to wear a Christmas jumper on the run up to the big day. The jumper in the picture I bought last year from Joy and I love it!

Festive candles on a chilly night
When Christmas comes around Yankee Candles always bring out some new festive scents and this year has been no exception. I've picked up Christmas Eve, Merry Marshmallows and Fireside Treats. I love lighting them on a chilly night when I am snug in bed.

What do you love most about winter?

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