Saturday, 14 December 2013

Beauty Christmas Wishlist

Beauty Christmas Wishlist - Origins, Lush, Enrapture

I've been meaning to do a beauty Christmas wish list for a while but wasn't quite sure what to put on it. When I have a need for something I tend to just get it rather than asking for it from others. Having said that I have put together a few things that I fancy for Christmas.

I have been lusting after this for sometime now but due to the fact it is £23 I haven't forked out for it. Everyone raves about how good this moisturiser is and how nice it is. I've asked my mum for this so hopefully I'll get this Christmas Day as I need a new moisturiser!

A lot of people love this product which has made me really want to try it out. When I get a spot I want it to go straight away and this seems to be a strong product that would help! Again this is on my list to get from mum so we shall see ;)

Enrapture Totem Styler - Was £59.99 to £39.98
Ever since going to the Leeds meet up in August and missing out on one of these in the raffle I've wanted this styling wand. I've heard many good reviews about this product and I love that it has three different parts that can heat up differently. This will definitely give me something to play with Christmas Day!

Joop Miss Wild Perfume - 30ml £29.00
After seeing this on the adverts before American Horror Story Coven on FX I've been intrigued to see what this smells like. I've never had a Joop perfume before as I associate them more with men's fragrances however this is really nice. I couldn't possibly describe it to you as I'm pants at it but it's worth a smell!

I tried this out and most importantly smelt this in Debenhams recently and want to have this in my life! It smells like marzipan and it's a lovely thick cream. This would do wonders for my hands!

I am really keen to try out Lush fresh face masks as I've only heard good things about them! I've picked these two as the smells appeal to me the most.

Lush Rock Star and Snowcake Soap - 100g £3.25
I'm not one to use solid soap I much prefer liquid soap or shower gel however Lush have persuaded me to try some. The two I've picked smell the best to me and they both look gorgeous.

Are you fancying any of these for Christmas?


  1. Ooh, you've just reminded me of how much I love the Origins Energy boosting moisturiser, I have to get another one soon LOL ! Xx

  2. ooh that ginseng moisturiser sounds fab!

    Hannah xx


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