Sunday, 6 October 2013

A little bit of retail therapy...

This week marked the 50th anniversary of Tees Dock, boring I know. To celebrate this at work we had been planning a week of events for local schools, ex employees, current employees and stakeholders. All the stressing and panicking paid off in the end as the week was a success and everyone who attended had only nice things to say. This week has kept me super busy, meaning I have neglected blogging and all other fun things so I decided that I needed to spend some money today to celebrate how well we had done over the week. I took a trip to Asda and a trip to Superdrug and bought these goodies!

I've read such great things about the NSPA hot cloth polish and as it was 3 for £10 so I couldn't resist picking up two other products.

I've been pining after this candle for weeks now and as it was only £2 and I was treating myself it made its way into my basket. Also picked up a little choccie for myself...

As there is not much choice for make up in ASDA I thought I would see what their range had to offer. I picked up a lipstick (17- Small talk) and a Gel pro nail polish (05- Pink).

Finally we took a trip to Superdrug where dry shampoo was 2 for £4, I got two body puffs for £1.99 and the lavender shower gel was only 99p. Bargains!

I can't wait to use the goodies I've bought today, especially my candle as it smells lush!

Have you tried any of the things I've bought today? Do you fancy buying any?


  1. I absolutely love Batiste dry shampoo, such a life saver!
    Lauren x

  2. You'll have to let me know what that hot cloth cleanser's like! Great post Danni xx

  3. oo you have bought some good goodies. the dry shampoo I think everyone an their mothers love its amazing! great post girly

  4. That candle looks amazing! Honestly, I'm obsessed with wintery candles but I've never seen spiced pomegranate before. I need it! :) I may have also bought that chocolate bar today haha, the triangle ones are the best! x

  5. Ooo do a review of the nspa stuff once you've tried it! It sounds amazing and for the price it's so cheap! I'd of also treated myself to the chocolate haha! You need energy when your out shopping xxx


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