Thursday, 19 September 2013

I hate to say I hate them but...

I love most nail polishes and it is not often that I come across a polish that I dislike. Unfortunately I've come across two and I really want to prevent you all from making the same mistake I did!

First up is a Sinful Colors polish. Now I absolutely love Sinful Colors and was so pleased when they were brought to the UK and stocked in Boots. They are such a great polish for £1.99 and I would happily only use Sinful Colors for the rest of my life. However I picked up Purple Diamond recently and I am saddened to say that I hate it.

In the bottle this polish looks gorgeous, it is a purple shimmer with a heck of a lot of sparkles. I really thought this would be thick and look opaque on my nails but after three coats I was left disappointed. Avoid Purple Diamond!

Next up is a Maybelline Colour Show Neon polish called Fuchsia Fever. I originally bought these for a nail mail friend of mine but we stopped our exchanges so I got to keep it. I tried this the other day and was disappointed how transparent this polish is. The colour was not at all what it looked in the bottle which also made me unhappy. Overall it is just a horrible polish and I am giving it away, maybe they will like it better.

Sorry to be a downer on these polishes but it's not often I feel so strongly about two nail polishes, I am usually raving about polish. Let me know if you have these and feel differently or the same.



  1. That first one looks pitiful! I hate being disappointed by nail varnish! xx

  2. I've used Sinful Colors before but never had an experience like the one you unfortunately had to have. So disappointing when polishes don't look like how they're seen in the bottle!

    - Marci | AmourMarci

    1. I know! I do love Sinful Colors but this colour is horrible! x

  3. I think they match the colours quite well haha.. I think there must be something wrong with my eyesight aha xx

    1. They may do but I didn't like how many coats I had to do to get to that colours! So thick and horrible. Also I am impatient so they didn't dry! x


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