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Arran Aromatics facial wash review

I've been getting into skin care a lot more since I've become a blogger. I read a lot of blogs who recommend and review different skin care products and I seem to want them all! Recently I received this facial wash in my Beauteco box and it has become part of my night time skin care routine.

Arran Aromatics Lavendar Tea Tree facial wash review

Arran Aromatics Lavendar Tea Tree facial wash review

Arran Aromatics Lavendar Tea Tree facial wash review

My skincare routine consists of a face wash, sometimes toner, and a moisturiser. This facial wash is my go to for a night time cleanse due to the fact is contains Lavender. Lavender is commonly recognised as a scent that will send you to sleep so I thought it would be soothing on a night. I wasn't wrong, this has a lovely lavender/tea tree smell which wouldn't be out of place as an incense. Don't get me wrong this isn't horribly overpowering like being in room full of incense, this is light, fresh and soothing. I also think the reason I didn't want to start using this on a morning is that smelling lavender isn't going to wake me up, rather send me to sleep.

The facial wash is a gel texture which has small pieces of loofa to lightly exfoliate your skin. I think this is a great addition to the wash and something I've never tried before. Although I do love a good scrub this gentle exfoliate is lovely before bed to get all the grime off your face. As well as this the gel foams up well when washing your face, which is a must for me.

I'd definitely recommend this if you are looking for something light and soothing before bed.

Arran Aromatics - Lavender Tea Tree Reviving Toning Facial Wash 100ml Usually £12.95, Currently £10.36

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