Saturday, 28 September 2013

Ice cream break in London

Last weekend I trekked all the way down to London to see the beautiful boy band that is McFly for their 10th anniversary show. As I was only there for a day and had to travel back the next morning I wanted to make sure I did something with my day. I got in touch with my friend Sophie, who I haven't seen in almost 4 years, and we met up in Covent Garden. We wandered around for a bit looking for somewhere we could get ice cream and eventually came across a shop called Venchi.

We both got an ice cream and went downstairs for a long overdue catch up.

Venchi Ice Cream Gelato London Covent Garden review

Venchi Ice Cream Gelato London Covent Garden review

Venchi Ice Cream Gelato London Covent Garden review

I had chocolate hazelnut whilst Sophie chose white chocolate and berry. Mine was lovely and I'm sure Sophie's was too as she ate it all up.

As well as gelato they had lots and lots of chocolate! It was a dream but unfortunately I didn't buy any! Although this shop is quite expensive they have a lot of selection and it is definitely quality ice cream.

If your in Covent Garden and fancy ice cream, look to Venchi.

Have you been? Did you like it?

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Duke of Wellington, Welbury

I've been quite busy recently out with my boyfriend, friends and even had a trip to London, so for the next few posts I will be showing you where I have been and what I have eaten. 

To start with I want to tell you about a lovely country pub me and my boyfriend visited recently. As with every good country pub it was quite hard to find! First we missed the turn off then we had to venture down long dark country roads to finally get there. 

The pub was small and quaint, full of locals as you'd expect so we got some funny looks when we walked in. The lady at the bar swiftly took us to our table in the corner which was very quaint and tucked away. Great for date night!

Duke of Wellington, Welbury, North Yorkshire Review

Duke of Wellington, Welbury, North Yorkshire Review

Duke of Wellington, Welbury, North Yorkshire Review

I chose to have the parmo (Teesside delicacy - Chicken covered with bechamel sauce and cheese!) and Matt had pork loin with a mustard and peppercorn sauce. These came with some fat chips and veggies. I do love country pub chips, so nice!

The parmo was really nice but there was so much of it! Although I didn't try Matt's pork I did have some of the sauce and it was lovely.

If you live in the North East I'd recommend the Duke of Wellington for a yummy meal.

Do you like the look of this yummy food?!

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Body Shop - Colour Crush Lipsticks Review and Swatches

Now that I have discovered I can wear lipsticks comfortably I've decided I wanted to try some more out. I got an email last week from The Body Shop telling me it was 40% off on their website, how could I resisit? I did a bit of research and found that they had recently launched a new line of lipsticks called Colour Crush. These are sectioned into Nudes, Reds and Pinks.

As I didn't want anything too garish I went into The Body Shop on my lunch and asked the lady what colours she thought would suit. I decided on two and went back to the office to order them off the site!

Colour Crush Lipstick The Body Shop Review

Photo Source

Colour Crush Lipsticks - Review and Swatch

Colour Crush Lipsticks - Review and Swatch

Colour Crush Lipsticks - Review and Swatch - Coral Kiss 315

Colour Crush Lipsticks - Review and Swatch - Spice Things Up

Unsurprisingly both colours I chose were from the Nude section. The first lipstick is 315 - Coral Kiss. I like the coral colour of this lipstick as it is very sheer.

The second is 330 - Spice Things Up. This is a much darker colour with a hint of pink. I like this colour as it is darker than the other and it is much more noticeable.

I really like these two lipsticks, I think the finish is great and they go on with ease. I would definitely recommend picking up some lipstick from The Body Shop.

Next stop, Reds and Pinks!

Do you like these two? Which is your favourite? Do you have any of these lipsticks -  Link me to blog posts!

Friday, 20 September 2013

Discovering lipstick

Before I started blogging I had never worn lipstick, except black on Halloween! So when I was sent a Kate Moss lipstick in a giveaway win from Abundance of Erica I decided to give it a go.

I have no clue what colour suits me or which lipsticks to go for but I was told that this one looked good on me. Cue me wearing this and wanting to buy more...

The lipstick I was sent was Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate - 103. At first I thought this was a bit too pink for me but after wearing it in the house for a while I decided that it suited and that I could venture out with this on.

Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate - 103 Lipstick Review Swatch

Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate - 103 Lipstick Review Swatch

Unfortunately the lipstick got damaged in transit from Canada to the UK but I put it back together.

I really do like this lipstick, it goes on well and stays on for a good few hours. Although I've never worn lipstick before I was impressed with how long it stays in place. Also the formula is lovely and creamy.

I'd definitely buy more Rimmel lipsticks in the future as my collection begins to grow.

Do you like this shade? Have you just started to get into lipstick? Any tips for me?


People in general tend to have this misconception that mental illnesses, whether it be anxiety, depression, schizophrenia etc. are all something to be embarrassed about, something to sweep under the bed and to try and ignore. However, you're not alone, frighteningly, 1 in 4 people will suffer from mental illness in a year. Mental illnesses, when left to manifest will strip a person of their personalities, and leave you feeling as if you're a shell of your former self. This is why it's important to raise awareness of mental health, to let people know they're not alone and always have someone to talk to. #GettingArtyForAnxiety is a way of expressing your own personalities, and to raise awareness for mental illness whether you're a sufferer yourself, or a family member.

Molly from Lyon Notes has created the tag #GettingArtyForAnxiety to highlight the misconceptions of anxiety and enable bloggers to express their personality through their nails.

I've done just that!

As most of you don't know me in 'real life' and only know me through the internet I thought it best to talk you through my nail design to help you get to know my personality better.

Most of my nail art consists of dark pink, this represents how I am very quiet and shy in crowds or with people I don't know. I hold back from speaking because I don't know how people will take me, sometimes I just don't know what to talk about. The pale yellow line running through this represents how I am when I am in my comfort zone. I am happy, talkative, in my element chatting about whatever I like without having to impress anyone. This is who I am really and this is how I hope that everyone can see me.

The colourful polka dots illustrate how I like to be different. I don't like what everyone likes because it is popular, I like what I like and no one will get me to think otherwise.

I hope this gave you a tiny insight into how I am and I hope you enjoyed my nail art.

Link me to your #getartyforanxiety posts!

Thursday, 19 September 2013

I hate to say I hate them but...

I love most nail polishes and it is not often that I come across a polish that I dislike. Unfortunately I've come across two and I really want to prevent you all from making the same mistake I did!

First up is a Sinful Colors polish. Now I absolutely love Sinful Colors and was so pleased when they were brought to the UK and stocked in Boots. They are such a great polish for £1.99 and I would happily only use Sinful Colors for the rest of my life. However I picked up Purple Diamond recently and I am saddened to say that I hate it.

In the bottle this polish looks gorgeous, it is a purple shimmer with a heck of a lot of sparkles. I really thought this would be thick and look opaque on my nails but after three coats I was left disappointed. Avoid Purple Diamond!

Next up is a Maybelline Colour Show Neon polish called Fuchsia Fever. I originally bought these for a nail mail friend of mine but we stopped our exchanges so I got to keep it. I tried this the other day and was disappointed how transparent this polish is. The colour was not at all what it looked in the bottle which also made me unhappy. Overall it is just a horrible polish and I am giving it away, maybe they will like it better.

Sorry to be a downer on these polishes but it's not often I feel so strongly about two nail polishes, I am usually raving about polish. Let me know if you have these and feel differently or the same.


Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Guest post on Good Golly Miss Hollie

Today my guest post is live on Good Golly Miss Hollie. I've written about three autumn nail/nail art looks. Check it out!


Monday, 16 September 2013

Manicure Monday - You're Such a Budapest

Today I've decided to go for a nice simple manicure and use a polish called You're Such a Budapest from OPI's Euro Centrale collection.

OPI's Euro Centrale collection has been around since the beginning of this year and I have amassed nearly all of them(thanks to my generous boyfriend). The colours of this collection are so gorgeous that they look amazing as a collection and just as amazing separately on your nails.

I absolutely love this lilac colour as it is so simple and beautiful. It may be more of a spring colour than an autumn one but I think it's gorgeous.

OPI You're Such a Budapest Nail Polish Swatch Review

OPI You're Such a Budapest Nail Polish Swatch Review

OPI You're Such a Budapest Nail Polish Swatch Review

OPI You're Such a Budapest Nail Polish Swatch Review

What are your thoughts? Do you like it?!

Sunday, 15 September 2013

It’s time to be thrifty

I think that everyone would like to have more money. They’d either like to get a pay rise, win the lottery or find money on the street. I have to say I am no different, I’d love one or all of these to happen to me. However unless you are really lucky these scenarios are unfortunately only dreams. So to ensure we get the most out of what we currently earn we have to make our money go further. We need to be thrifty.

The Free Dictionary’s definition of Thrift is “Wise economy in the management of money and other resources” or “wisdom and caution in the management of money”.

Here are a few ways you can get thrifty.

1. When shopping online ALWAYS look for voucher codes.

If I’m online shopping and decide that I want to purchase something and I can’t see any offers on the site I turn to google. Simply search the shop you are on followed by the word ‘voucher code’, ‘coupon’ or ‘discount’. Sometimes you will get lots of results popping up and other times none but it is always great to check! Sites like Voucher Codes and Voucher Cloud are good sites to look at if they are in the search results.

If you come across a forum where people are sharing voucher codes but you think they might be out of date, always try them, you may come across a hidden gem. One time I had a discount code for Urban Outfitters found another on a forum and they both worked together! BONUS!

2. Sign yourself up for a cash back site...

You will have probably seen sites like Quidco and Top Cash Back on TV but if you haven’t, where have you been? There are two ways you can use cash back sites, one log on to the site directly, find the company you want to buy from in their listings, click through to the companies site to purchase what you need and the cash back site logs this and will start working on your cashback. I must admit I don’t do this as much as I should, but when I started I bought my phone through this and earned £100 back!

The other way to use these sites is by registering your debit card. I think only Quidco offers this currently but it is a great service that works in the background without you doing anything. Basically once you've registered your card on their site you earn money when you buy something from a shop that offers cash back. The list of shops is not exhaustive but there may be a shop you visit regularly that you could benefit from.

Although the whole cash back scheme is great, don’t expect your money straight away. There is normally a long waiting period to get the money but I think it is a great way to make a bit of money back from purchases you would have made anyway.

3.     Be restrictive and buy only what you need.

This one is pretty obvious but I think we all need to sit back from time to time and think “do I really need another nail varnish/shower gel/facial wash?”. The answer is most probably no. Be clever with your money and don’t buy it until you need it. Unless it’s on offer, then, well then stock your cupboards up!

I hope that you enjoy my tips and that you all get thrifty.

Do you have any thrifty tips for me? Let me know! I always like to save money!

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

I've been nominated...

Angela, over at Little Apple Tree, nominated me for a Liebster Award which I am thrilled about! Thank you Angela for considering me!

Liebster Award Blog Tag

What is a Liebster Award you may ask? I'll let Angela explain (hope she doesn't mind).

"The Liebster Blog Award is given to up and coming bloggers who have less than 200 followers. Apparently “liebster” is German for “sweetheart”. This award is the “sweetheart blog award” then.  I'm not sure I've ever been considered "up and coming" before--how fabulous!"

The rules are
1) Link back to the person who nominated you
2) List 11 facts about yourself (optional)
3) Answer the 11 questions given to you by the person who nominated you for an award
4) Nominate 11 blogs/bloggers who have 200 or fewer followers
5) Think up 11 different questions for the people you are nominating to answer
6) Notify your nominees so they can join in!

1) Little Apple Tree - I think you should give Angela's lifestyle blog a read!

2) 11 facts about me.

1. I am happily loved up with my boyfriend and we are currently saving for a house.
2. My favourite film is View from the Top.
3. I love the TV series Castle.
4. My Iphone is permanently by my side, if I lost it I would cry.
5. I have an obsession with nail varnishes, I would say I have over 250 now. When we get the house there is going to be a polish room ;)
6. I won't eat pork but will eat pork sausages.
7. I love broccoli and cabbage.
8. I graduated last year with a 2:1 degree in Leadership and Management.
9. I live in what is said to be the largest private housing estate in Europe.
10. I like cooking and can't wait to have my own kitchen.
11. I have a pink carpet in my room.

3) My answers!

1. Gold or silver? 
Has to be silver! Much cheaper and easier to wear.

2. Tell me one of your pet peeves.
People walking slow.

3. Are you a glass half-full or a glass half-empty person?
I like to think of myself as a glass half full kind of person. I'm alway pretty optimistic and always try to look on the brightside.

4. Countryside or city?
Ooh toughy, I'd probably say city because I couldn't be disconnected from the world living in the countryside!

5. Do you sing in the shower?
Obviously! ;)

6. What are your ambitions for your blog?
I just hope to continue growing. I am one of those people who gets a hobby and after a few months gets bored. As this is my space to work with and develop I want to stay committed and make my blog grow!

7. Star Trek or Star Wars?
I'd have to say Star Wars only because I haven't seen Star Trek...

8. Who is your favourite actor?
Denzel Washington, love that man. Trying to collect and watch all his films. I'm doing pretty well so far!

9. How do you spend your free time?
I spend a lot of my time with my boyfriend out and about or in bed snuggled watching films. When I am not doing that I am out shopping or on my blog!

10.What is the most exciting thing you've ever done?
I'd have to say going to New York. I was so excited to go, not particularly impressed when I was there as I thought everywhere was going to be a huge movie set but after I realise how amazing it was and want to go back!

11. What's the worst Christmas present you ever received?
Maybe a bad perfume set? Nothing sticks in my mind as the worst!

4) Nominate 11 blogs/bloggers who have 200 or fewer followers
Amor Decor
Maid in Scotland
Liverpool Lashes
Curled Fantasies
Cheap Finds
Tara's Talons
Lady from a Tramp
Glittery Teacups
Beauty from the Fjord
Gingerly Pale
The Imperfect 10 Blog

5) Here are the 11 questions I set for the nominees!

1. What's your favourite brand of nail polish?
2. Where is the best place you've visited?
3. How did you get in to blogging?
4. What is your essential beauty product?
5. If you could win your dream blog giveaway, what would it be?
6. What would your dream job be?
7. If you could speak another language, which would you choose?
8. Sweet or Savoury?
9. How many nail polishes do you own?
10. What is your favourite perfume?
11. Lipstick or Lipbalm?


Sunday, 8 September 2013

Sunday Manicure - Cherry Pie

As you may know I am obsessed with indie nail polishes. Any chance that I get to purchase a new brand or a new colour I am on it! I came across Tara's Talons on twitter recently and she states that she has been described as "the UK's largest indie polish brand". With such a big claim I had to check out what polishes she had to offer!

When I ventured on to her etsy store I was in awe of the lovely colourful polishes she has produced and all their cute names! Unfortunately my bank balance could only stretch to one full size polish and a 5ml polish so I went for Gobstopper and Cherry Pie. 

Today I am wearing Cherry Pie! It is a lovely pink shimmery polish filled with silver and blue flecks of glitter. The formula was perfect and I love the little bottle!

Overall I would definitely recommend you purchase a polish from Tara! She has a great selection and can even make a polish to your specification, which she has done for me (post to come soon!).

Do you like this colour? Have your purchased from Tara's Talons before?

Saturday, 7 September 2013

OOTD - Temple of Doom

As I am a relatively new blogger I've never attempted an outfit of the day but I wanted to post this outfit to show you my gorgeous new jewelry purchased from Black Tied.

I came across Black Tied on twitter and instantly wanted everything off their site! I finally whittled it down to two pieces - A silver double skull cuff bracelet and a silver points and turquoise southwestern style necklace.

Top - George @ Asda
Jeans - Topshop
Necklace + Bracelet - Black Tied
Rings - Pandora
Boots - River Island

I love this outfit as I feel like I am an extra from Indiana Jones with all the tribal prints happening on my top and I think my jewelry matches perfectly! Although I got myself dressed up today I didn't even leave the car! Shame to waste a good outfit...

What do you think? Like my outfit? 

Friday, 6 September 2013

Hair lovin'

I'd say that my hair is pretty much normal, it isn't too dry or to greasy and I wash it every night, or if I feel lazy every other night. Having said that I'm always on the lookout for products that will make my hair better. I've been trying out a few new hair products recently and I've come across two that I really like.

Avon's Advance Techniques Moroccan Argan Oil - Leave in Treatment Review

Avon's Advance Techniques Moroccan Argan Oil - Leave in Treatment Review

Avon's Advance Techniques Moroccan Argan Oil - Leave in Treatment Review

Pure Coconut's Heat Protecting Leave-in Conditioner Review

Pure Coconut's Heat Protecting Leave-in Conditioner Review

First is Avon's Advance Techniques Moroccan Argan Oil - Leave in Treatment. A lot of bloggers love Argan Oil so I wanted to try it out. I was going to buy some but then my mum had this in her cupboard so I stole it. Shhh!

As I'd never used oils on my hair before I didn't know what to expect but after putting this on wet hair and blow drying I was impressed with the results. Although this didn't result in my hair drying super fast or it looking amazingly shiny, I do love how my hair feels and smells after.

Second item is Pure Coconut's Heat Protecting Leave-in Conditioner. I tend to use this when I know I will straighten my hair so that it is protected from the heat. This product smells lovely, not a very potent coconut smell but just enough. It is easy to use as you just spray it on and brush it through.

I've been careful not to use too much of this to ensure my hair isn't greasy and I've never found this to happen. It leaves my hair soft and ready for straighteners/blow dryer.

I like to think that these two products are protecting my hair and ensuring that it is taken care of. Have you used these before? What did you think? What are your go to hair products?

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Abundance of Erica Giveaway Win!

The lovely Abundance of Erica had a one year blog anniversary giveaway and I was lucky enough to win it! These goodies came to me all the way from Canada! Congratulations to Erica for her one year blog anniversary and thank you for all my lovely prizes!

Abundance of Erica Giveaway Win!

Abundance of Erica Giveaway Win!

Abundance of Erica Giveaway Win!

Abundance of Erica Giveaway Win!

Abundance of Erica Giveaway Win!

Abundance of Erica Giveaway Win!

The giveaway included:

  • EOS Lip balm - Summer Fruit
  • Rimmel Lipstick - Lasting Finish by Kate 103
  • Sally Hansen Nail Polish - Pacific Blue
  • Maybelline Baby Lips - Cherry Me
And she wrote me a lovely card and threw in lots of great samples! 

Have you won a giveaway recently? Link me to your wins!

Arran Aromatics facial wash review

I've been getting into skin care a lot more since I've become a blogger. I read a lot of blogs who recommend and review different skin care products and I seem to want them all! Recently I received this facial wash in my Beauteco box and it has become part of my night time skin care routine.

Arran Aromatics Lavendar Tea Tree facial wash review

Arran Aromatics Lavendar Tea Tree facial wash review

Arran Aromatics Lavendar Tea Tree facial wash review

My skincare routine consists of a face wash, sometimes toner, and a moisturiser. This facial wash is my go to for a night time cleanse due to the fact is contains Lavender. Lavender is commonly recognised as a scent that will send you to sleep so I thought it would be soothing on a night. I wasn't wrong, this has a lovely lavender/tea tree smell which wouldn't be out of place as an incense. Don't get me wrong this isn't horribly overpowering like being in room full of incense, this is light, fresh and soothing. I also think the reason I didn't want to start using this on a morning is that smelling lavender isn't going to wake me up, rather send me to sleep.

The facial wash is a gel texture which has small pieces of loofa to lightly exfoliate your skin. I think this is a great addition to the wash and something I've never tried before. Although I do love a good scrub this gentle exfoliate is lovely before bed to get all the grime off your face. As well as this the gel foams up well when washing your face, which is a must for me.

I'd definitely recommend this if you are looking for something light and soothing before bed.

Arran Aromatics - Lavender Tea Tree Reviving Toning Facial Wash 100ml Usually £12.95, Currently £10.36
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