Friday, 16 August 2013

Florence - Top sights!

I don't want to bore you all with my diary entries for Florence so I thought I would highlight a few sights from the trip that I thought you best know about!

As you can imagine Florence is a beautiful city full of culture and history. We lapped up all the architecture and views of the city but neglected the art side of the trip (no point wasting Euros).

We walked a lot during the holiday but this meant we saw most of the city. Here are a few of my top picks!

Duomo + Bell Tower

The sheer size and beauty of these monuments will blow you away. 10 euros will get you up the Duomo and Bell Tower as well as gaining you access to the Cathedral and Bapistery. We ventured up the Duomo and the Bell Tower which I would highly recommend for the amazing views. Be mindful that there are a lot of steps! Here are a few snaps of the views at the top.

Ponte Vecchio

This bridge is always pretty busy and is full of jewelry and pawn shops, not very touristy. We decided it would be a better idea to walk to the to the two bridges either side of the Ponte Vecchio to see it's beauty in full, and get some snaps! We also went back at night to see what it looked like in the dark :)

Piazzale Michelangelo

We walked for ages until we came across this but it was very worth it. The views that you get of Florence are amazing, definitely worth the trek. There did seem to be quite a bit to see in the square but we just got pictures of the views.

These three are my top three but there are many more things that I saw! Have you been to Florence, what did you see that I have missed?


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  1. This looks amazing - especially the views from the Duomo and Bell Tower, wow!


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