Friday, 16 August 2013

Florence - Sweet Treats

When you think if Italy you think of pizza, pasta, vespa scooters and the italian language. When I was in Florence I enjoyed some sweet treats that you should have all heard of.


Of course I was going to say this it is supposed to be the best in the world! You cannot come to Italy without eating some famous Italian gelato, there is a gelato shop on literally every corner in Florence. When we were in Florence we came across a gorgeous gelato shop that we kept going back to called Le botteghe di Leonardo. There I tried pistachio and choc/hazelnut, these were amazing. I also tried some kibanana (kiwi and banana) this was weird but surprisingly nice! :) Here is some pictures of the ice cream we ate so you can drool!

Ice Tea

Now I know that Ice Tea is a worldwide thing and when in the UK I do love a Lipton's peach ice tea but in the UK it is hard to find! In Florence it was in every shop and even on tap in McDonalds. It is fair to say I drank a lot! :)


Anyone out there who has seen Carlo's bakery on TV will know what a canolli is and want to try one. I was no different. When I got to Florence this was one of the things I wanted to get my hands on and when I did I was surprised at how yummy they were! Canollis have a hard sweet taco shell with a sweet thick filling, mine also had a few chocolate chips. I must admit it was rather sickly but I ate it all.

If you know where these are sold in the UK let me know!

Have you tried any of these? What do you think? :)


  1. McDonald's iced tea is shockingly good! Wish they had it in the UK.

    I love real Italian gelato--if you're in London, try Scoop on Covent Garden--and it is really easy to make at home. Plus, slightly healthier than regular ice-cream, too! Win-win.

    1. Me too!

      Thanks for the tip Angela, I will try it :)



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